Laser Treatment for Gum Disease

LANAP exam chair

LANAP® is a noninvasive way to treat Periodontal (Gum) Disease. This laser treatment offers a less painful and more successful alternative to conventional surgery. LANAP® is FDA-cleared laser that is ideal for treating moderate to advanced cases of periodontal disease. 

What Benefits does LANAP® offer?

 LANAP® is a procedure that allows us to target bacteria in the infected tissue of the gums without hurting or removing the healthy tissue. It has the flexibility to target specific pockets of the gums and helps save teeth by regenerating bone tissue around the tooth structure. With less pain, less bleeding, minimal downtime after treatment, and known to be faster and more comfortable than conventional surgery, you can improve your gum health today.  

To learn more about LANAP® or if you have any question please call our office or schedule an appointment for a consultation.